How to Pass JAMB Exam (7 things you need to do on the exam day)

JAMB: how to pass JAMB and How to Check JAMB UTME Result

Learn how to PASS JAMB Exam using the seven steps on the exam day. Learn the rules of the JAMB game: Speed and Accuracy.

On your exam day one thing is important, Pass JAMB. The secret is keep it cool, don’t put yourself under any pressure, and remember speed and accuracy is the only rule of the game. In this post, we assumes you have done proper preparation and will focus on what you need to do on the exam day to pass your exams.
how to pass jamb 2017

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Pass JAMB made easy in 7 Steps


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Step 1: Eat Well the night before your exam and on the day of the exam

Avoid food that can give you toilet worries. You don’t want to be put under pressure.

Step 2: Take only allowed items

You’ll need at least 2 color copies of your JAMB exam slip. You are to submit one to the invigilator while you keep the other one for reference purposes.
You may need a Biro. You might probably not use it. But just should in case, you may need it.
Do NOT bring in bags and electronic devices such as phones, calculator

Step 3: Go to your centre early

Don’t put yourself under the pressure of rushing especially in the city avoid putting yourself under the stress of traffic leave home before traffic hour.
Get familiar with the centre environment. Find out where the hall is located. Make sure you know where the rest rooms are, where you can keep your belongings in case you are with one and maybe fire exit.

Step 4: Avoid negative candidates, Believe in yourself

Some candidates are afraid or might have failed the exam in the past and they are at the centre spreading fear and failure to other candidates. Stylishly flee from such people. Don’t let them mess with your mindset
It is true some candidates write JAMB more than once, but some candidates also write it just once.

Don’t be pressurized into cheating as well, we believe in you as the future of the country.

Step 5: Ensure your Bio-metric (Thumbprints) Verification is done at the examination centre

It is COMPULSORY. you do this. If it is not done, ask for it.

Step 6: Read and obey instructions

I repeat Read and obey instructions.

Step 7: Manage your time: speed and accuracy is the only rule of the game

By now you should know the new 2017 JAMB CBT exam will have a total of 180 questions within 2 hours.

Use of English: 60 Questions
Subject 2: 40 Questions
Subject 3: 40 Questions
Subject 4: 40 Questions
Total Duration: 2 hours

We suggest you need to use not more than 40 secs on each question and overall for each subject:

ENGLISH=60 Questions=40 mins
2nd Subject=40 Questions=27 mins
3rd Subject=40 Questions=27 mins
4th Subject=40 Questions=26 mins
TOTAL of 120 mins=2 hrs

The last step is SLAY.

Good Luck.

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    hamza Muhammad

    May 16, 2017 at 10:29 am

    Thanks this noticed is very significant to we student and also god bless the providers.

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