How to Become a Professional Whistle Blower in Nigeria

how to become a whistle blower

Learn how to become a professional whistle blower, making money and also helping in the fight against the number one enemy of Nigeria – corruption in Nigeria. Whistle blowing policy in Nigeria is one of the ways the Nigerian government is fighting corruption. In order to make the whistle blowing policy work, the government has provided incentives of 2.5% – 5% of the recovered fund. . This has to be one of the most lucrative career in the current recession.

All you have to do is notify the authority about a person or organization regarded as engaging in corrupt practices. Whistle-blowers don’t visit police station or even EFCC office to make a report. They simply use an online whistle-blowing platform designed by the Federal Ministry of Finance (FMF). This platform allows submission of tips on fraudulent transactions, thereby making a tip submitter blow foul-play whistle against government officials, without the risk of being known.

If you also want to take advantage of the platform and blow against corruption in Nigeria, proceed as follow:

How To Be a Whistle Blower


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1. Visit the Federal Government Whistle Blowing Platform  here.

2. Click on Submit Tip on the website.

how-to whistle blower portal

3. Fill the required field in the form


  1. Choose the Type of organisation you want to blow your whistle against: for example a Ministry, a Department, or an Agency.
  2. Select the Organisation Name, from the drop-down menu. For example CBN
  3. Choose Type of Tip, click to select the category of the fraudulent activity you want to report. There is also an option you can use to specify, if the category isn’t on the provided menu list.
  4. Enter the  Branch/Address of Organization, you can provide the specific address of the organisation involved.
  5. Enter the Date of Concerned Transaction, you will put the date of the transaction in which the fraud was committed.
  6. Enter a Description of Tip, you will give the full description of how the fraud was committed.

The above are the vital information that a whistle-blower needs to submit. All other parts of the form can be left out, if the whistle-blower worries about his identity.

The amount of money involved in the fraud and other supporting documents to backup the information provided can also be filled in, on the page.

  • After filling all the important parts of the form, click Submit to send your provided information to FMF server.

Alternative Whistle Blowing Methods

There are alternative methods to explore if you dont want to fill a form:

By Placing a Call

You can put a direct call to 09098067946, Monday – Friday (10:00am to 3:00pm) except on public holidays.

Send an email

Send an email to

To check the feedback of a submitted tip, do as follow:

  • Click on Tip Feedback.
  • On the Tip Feedback page, type in the reference number given to you after submitting a tip.
  • Then click on Search to see the feedback of your submitted tip.

Becoming a whistle blower helping in the fight against corruption in Nigeria is as simple as that. EFCC cannot do the job alone. Together we can!

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