How To Live Smart In Lagos

How to Live Smart in Lagos

Living in Lagos could be one the best thing that could ever happen to you and also one of your most dreaded parts of your life. In this post you will learn how to successfully live in Lagos, we will be talking about your earnings, location, distance from your place of work, lifestyle and so on. The general perception people have about Lagos is diverse. Some have repeatedly without mincing words, said that they would never live in Lagos, why? Reason being that they cannot cope with the harsh lifestyle, traffic, the menace of struggling to jump into the bus while its still in motion and of course no driver would patiently wait for a passenger to highlight from the bus, LOL! It’s actually a funny sight to behold!

To other schools of thought, for them to be  successful in life, they have to live in Lagos, they are of the opinion that if you can make it In Lasgidi (Lagos) then you can make it anywhere in the World, therefore would do anything to live in Lagos. I want to make it clear about what I mean when I say “how to successfully live in Lagos” I’m not necessarily talking about riches or just about being wealthy, am talking about how to live a hassle free life in Lagos, that is, being able to manage yourself by living conveniently within your budget. On this post on how to live successfully in Lagos, I am not going to bore you with too much talks, I ‘ll take it a step at a time and make this article more interactive as no one is an encyclopaedia of knowledge. Let’s rub minds ,share your thoughts and experience about Lagos, and let’s learn from one another. Let’s go right to the comment box…

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