How to Join the Hallelujah Challenge (Open Heavens)

Hallelujah Challenge: Olowogbogboro
Photo Credit: Akin Alabi

Updated: June 25, 2018

Hallelujah Challenge is back for 14 days starting from June 25, 2018.

Hallelujah Challenge was the hottest topic on social media in June 2017. The challenge is an online 30-day praise and prayer session on Instagram. It is also streamed live on Facebook. And, Nathaniel Bassey is the man responsible for the challenge. Also, Olowogbogboro is the theme of the praise and prayer session. Olowogbogboro is a yoruba term for God meaning the one that has a long hand stretched.

As a matter of fact, the challenge is a birth of something new on how ministers of the gospel can reach a wider audience through the social media. In addition, the challenge has brought together different Christian denominations and sects.

Why is it a Challenge?

It is a challenge to stay up one hour every midnight in June 2017 to praise God. Furthermore, to join the challenge, you need to live stream on Nathaniel Bassey’s Instagram and Facebook account.

4 Steps on How to Join the Hallelujah Challenge

You need to sign up on Instagram or Facebook to continue.

We would expect to see more challenge from the Nathaniel Bassey and other ministers.

How to join hallelujah challenge Nathaniel bassey

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1 Comment

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