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My inspiration for this post stemmed from a funny experience. I had registered for an event and was eagerly waiting for the day, only for me to realise on the D-Day that I did not know what to wear for the event. I finally could not go for the event because when I googled, I did not have the kind of clothes that was recommended. Can you imagine!

So this post is for you my friend, so you do not miss out on important occasions because you are blank on what to wear. Be sure to wear matching shoes and accessories to go with the outfits.

An interview or a Presentation

It is very important to dress appropriate when going before a panel of judges either for Interview or presentation of an idea. A Black, Grey or Ash suit matched with a black tie and black or brown shoe is considered most appropriate. For the ladies, try to go low on Accessories. In any case, if you were called impromptu and cannot get a suit, try to dress formal. A black trousers with a button down shirt, or a pencil skirt with a blouse and jacket is considerable. Note: Always get your dress ironed and no flashy colour of shirt or trouser.

Interview occasion

Conferences and Seminars

The first rule to this event is dress comfortably and decent. Conferences are for networking which could invariably lead to expansion which you do not want to miss because of your dress. You could wear a Blazers, Button-down collared shirt (Long sleeves are considered the best), or a Knit Blouse. Ties are not so necessary. Wear black or brown leather shoes which must be polished and in good condition. Ladies, no heels.

A First Date

Comfort should be your first priority! Choose a color or outfit that you are often complimented on.You could go on Jeans, flats, t-shirts and sunshades. For a dinner date, go for a pair of skinny pants that show off your figure with a nice silk blouse or clutch. Try to balance your makeup.

date occasion

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