How To Tie Turban

How to tie Turban

Turban is gradually taking over the fashion scene when it comes to headgears as most people find the usual Gele difficult to tie and even time consuming. Turbans consume less time, are easy to tie and fits into almost all occasions. To tie a turban, get your scarf and follow the steps below.

1. Fold the fabric (scarf) and place it against the back of your head, holding the ends in front of your ear. To tie a nice turban, your scarf should be at least 1.5- 1.8m long.


Place the fabric against the back of your head

2. Tie a knot with the scarf in middle of your forehead; you can tie the knot once, or twice for extra security. ( Do not make the knot too tie, to avoid discomfort, and do not make it too bulky, or it will stock out when you are done).

You can tie the knot once or twice

You can tie the knot once or twice

3. Twist the scarf in your hands around your head, until you have used all of the scarf. Start twisting from the base where you tied the knot, continue until you have wrapped both ends of the scarf around your head. Wrap the scarf layer by layer. The layers in front should move higher and higher, while you can just wrap around one layer between the back of your ear repeatedly.

Keep twisting from the base where you tied the knot

Keep twisting from the base where you tied the knot

4. When you have almost run out of scarf, Tuck the remaining scarf underneath the scarf in the back. You can make adjustments if necessary. Yes! You have just successfully tied your turban.

Note that for this version of turban, all of you hair is covered. If you like to leave some hair coming out the top, then all you need do is leave a space when wrapping the scarf around your head.

Photo-Credit: StylishLee

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