How to Spot a Yahoo Boy

Yahoo Yahoo Boy

Yahoo boys have become more popular in the past few years, especially west Africa countries like Nigeria and Ghana. You don’t want to be a victim, so it is better if you can identify them. There are several ways to know if that new guy in your neighbourhood is a yahoo boy.

1. Web history


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Pick up a yahoo boys laptop or phone and go through the web history, you keep seeing things like; “how can I become a yahoo boy?”, Dating scam, How to convert dollar to naira and many other related search

2. They are always charging their gadgets

Yahoo boys would go to any extent to charge their gadgets. Once they hear the sound of a generator, they will trace it. Their gadgets is what they use for their business, so must be charged always.

3. They live big

They wear the most expensive clothes and drive latest cars. On working days, you see them roaming the streets and clubbing, still, they live big.

4. They do not sleep at night

Night times are times when a yahoo boy is most busy. He’s up all night browsing the internet.

5. Currency Rate

Report has it that 90% of yahoo boys views “naira crash to dollar” related news on Nairaland. When others are complaining about skyrocketing increase rate, they are celebrating.

6. They are regular visitors to western union, money gram, ATM and the likes

7. Commentators on news report

They are the ones who call on radio shouting why EFCC never arrest those money eaters and selfish government officials. They want to know why it is only the poor man who commits a crime that gets arrested.

If the guy falls into any of these categories, be careful o.

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