How to Transfer Mb on Airtel

How to Share and Transfer Airtel Data

Airtel has launched their Data Sharing Service! You can now share data with your family, friends and loved ones that are registered on the Airtel Network. However, you can only share 10Mb, 25Mb or 60Mb. If you want to share higher, you would have to do it multiple times.

4 Step on how to transfer Data on Airtel Using the Airtel Family Share

  1. Send “Share” to 121 with the Airtel number that has the MB
  2. You will receive an SMS saying “You have successfully activated Airtel Data sharing. Now you can share your Airtel data with your family”.
  3. Register the numbers you want to share with. The numbers can be up to 5
  4. Confirm the numbers when prompted

Note: You can only share 3G/4G with this service.

How to Transfer your Airtel Data Using USSD Codes

The transfer code is *141*712* which varies depending on the amount of data to be shared.

For 10MB data, dial *141*712*11*Beneficiary Number#. Follow the instructions that pop up

For 25MB data, dial *141*712*9*Beneficiary Number#. Follow the instructions that appear

For 60MB data, dial *141*712*4*Beneficiary Number#. Follow the instructions on the screen

Note that #100 will be deducted for every transfer made

You can dial *141# and follow the voice prompt if you encounter any issue.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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    June 28, 2018 at 2:14 am

    You can also share up to 200mb. Simply dial *141# > Select option 5 > select option 3 > select option 3 > enter recipient number > enter the MB size (not more than 200) > enter pin > Completed!

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