How to Check WAEC Result?

how to check your waec result

The 2018 May/June Secondary School  WAEC result is out! Learn how to check your WAEC result in this write-up. We look at two possible methods of checking your WAEC Result.

Methods of checking WAEC Result

  1. The first method is via SMS.
  2. The second method is via the internet (online portal).

What do you need to check your WAEC Result?

  1. Examination No. (This is your unique 10-digit WAEC Number  e.g 4123456789)
  2. Examination Year (In this case 2018, providing the examination year will make it easier to get your results from the database
  3. Type of Exam (SSCE, GCE and other), in this case SSCE.
  5. Card Serial Number
  6. Card PIN

We can see that most important thing you need to check your result is the WAEC CIVAMPENS Card. This is because the result checker PIN and Serial Number are contained on the flip side of the CIVAMPENS card.

Now let’s look at each of the methods above

How to check your WAEC Result via the internet?

how to check WAEC Result Form

WAEC Reuslt Checker Form on WAECDirect

  1. Visit WAEC Direct ( to check your WAEC Result
  2. Enter your 10-digit WAEC Examination Number (This is your 7-Digit centre number followed by your 3-digit candidate number e.g 4123456789
  3. Type in the 4 digits of your Examination Year eg. 2002
  4. Select the Type of Examination
  5. Enter the Card Serial Number found on the reverse side of your Scratch card.
  6. Type in your Personal Identification Number (PIN) from the scratch card
  7. Click Submit and wait for the results window to come up

How to check your WAEC Result using phone?

  • Send SMS in the format below: WAEC*ExamNo*PIN*ExamYear To short-code 32327 (MTN, Airtel & Glo subscribers)
    For example -: SMS WAEC*4250101001*123456789012*2017 to 32327
  • Wait for your result to be delivered to your phone via SMS. (SMS Cost N30 Only) 

Note: Ensure you adhere strictly to the format above. There should be no space in the message.


  2. WAEC  Result Checker:

You can also find how to check JAMB result here.

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