How to Track your Western Union Money Transfer

Western Union: How to Track your western Union

How do you track a Western Union money order online in Nigeria? Learn how to find the latest status and track your Western Union Money Transfer transaction and how to use western union estimator in this post. 

After you send money, you’ll get a receipt and each receipt includes a unique tracking number (MTCN), which is a 10-digit number assigned to every money transfer you make with Western Union.Western Union offers the ability to easily track the status of a money transfer through the MTCN

How to Track your Western Union Transfer on the Web

  1. Visit Western Union Portal for Nigeria  or the international portal.
  2. Enter the necessary details in the form, especially your unique tracking number (MTCN), which is a 10-digit number assigned to every money transfer you make with us.



How to Track your Western Union Transfer without MTCN

  1. Visit this Western Union Portal if you have lost or forgotten your western union unique tracking number (MTCN).

How to Track your Western Union money order

According to western union, “Please note: Money orders, prepaid cards, gift cards and Online FX payments can’t be tracked here[Portal]”. However you can track your money order through the customer care hotline

  1. Call 1-800-999-9660.
  2. Enter the 11-digit number on your Money Order Receipt and then the pound/hashtag sign #. The number is above the bar code.
  3. Enter the dollars and cents and then the pound/hashtag sign #.
  4. You will hear the date the Money Order was cashed.

How to Estimate Western Union Transfer using Western Union Estimator

You can estimate how much the money you are sending through Western Union is in US Dollars at Western Union exchange rate, by using the Western Union Currency Converter tool, to get the fees charged on the transaction, you can use the Western Union Estimator tool.

How to Send Money Through Western Union

  1. To send money through Western Union Online, simply go to
  2. Click estimate price
  3. Enter the amount you want to send, the country you are sending to and the zip code of the city you are sending to.
  4. Choose whether you want to Send Online, Send in Person, Send with Phone or Use Mobile App to send.
  5. Choose your payment method i.e. Credit/Debit card or bank account.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions and send your money.

What is Western Union?

The Western Union Company is an American financial services and communications company. Western Union is trusted for 165 Years for sending money to 200 countries in 130 currencies with more than 500000 agent locations and 100000 ATMs. It is reliable way to send money fast. Now let’s look at how to track western union transfer.

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    whats the limit to send or receive?

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    i really respect this website and it’s authenticity.. thanks for this post it’ll come in handy some day for me.

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    Someone sent me money from USA to Nigeria and sent me the MTCN no, that’s 8digit and when i got to bank to receive the money, and the agent were telling me that the MTCN no should be 10 digit and i’ve contact my sender and she sent me the receipt and the the tracking no in the receipt also contain of 8 digit

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