How to Borrow Credit / Airtime from 9mobile (morecredit)


Have you ever been stranded when you need only airtime to save your life, 9mobile has made it easy for you to borrow credit or airtime by dialing *665*amount# USSD Code. 

9mobile formerly known as Etisalat has rebranded all of its product which includes easycredit. It is now known as morecredit. morecredit gives you a more flexible way to top up. you can borrow airtime for voice, data and additional services on the etisalat network and repay the loan on your next recharge.

morecredit is available to all pre-paid customers and can be used in the same way as normal airtime. Terms and conditions apply!

How to borrow credit on 9mobile or how does morecredit work

To borrow credit on 9mobile, follow the simple steps below

  1. Find out if you’re eligible for easycredit by dialing *665*3#, or by texting STATUS to 665.
  2. Dial *665*[Amount]#, for example, dial *665*50# to borrow N50, or text “amount” to 665.

Before you can borrow airtime from any network, you have to be qualified. Now how can you be qualified to borrow airtime on 9mobile? Check the terms and conditions below:

Terms & Conditions: How to be Eligible To Borrow Credit on 9Mobile

  • Pricing and Tariff
    •  you can borrow N50, N100, N200, N500, N1,000, N1,150 and N2600.
    • you’ll pay 15% of the borrowed amount as a service fee. For example, when you borrow N50 you’ll receive N42.50.
  • you can pay back the airtime loan in various ways, including recharge card vouchers or an e-top up. transferred airtime from other customers – apart from borrowed airtime – can also be used.
  • morecredit isn’t automatically available and you need to ask for it via SMS and USSD.


So keep recharging and enjoying.

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  1. Avatar

    Timothy ola

    September 1, 2018 at 1:41 pm

    Its disappointing n a pity when the dam so called 9 mobile, keep messing up with customers account! !,for petsake it is becoming annoying. 9 MOBILE / ETISALAT WATEVER U GUYS ARE ,YOUR ARE NOT HELPIN…….AT ALL!,please kindly do what the customers want and stop given out facade promos..for goodness sake!, thank you!

  2. Avatar

    williams Michael

    September 26, 2017 at 11:31 am

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