How to Transfer Credit on Etisalat Network

The benefits and services you can enjoy with your mobile device are unlimited. As each day goes by, with your mobile device in your hand, you can do much more and be much more.I bet you know about the endless possibilities you can access with your mobile device already and I don’t intend to bore you with that. If your question is “How do I transfer credit from my Etisalat line” then this post has got you covered.

If you want to transfer credit on your etisalat line maybe because you need to transfer credit to a friend, relative or an enemy who needs it at that time and is unable to recharge, or you simply want to transfer airtime between your lines, don’t sweat much. With the following easy and quick to remember steps you can transfer credit on your line without stress. Follow me.

Hold on a second, before we move on, you need to know that you can only transfer credit to other Etisalat Network users. Did I hear you say I know that already? Good. Again you need to know the phone number you intend to transfer credit to. So you know that too? Perfect.




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  1. Before you transfer credit from your line, you need to ensure that you have sufficient credit on your line because you cannot give what you do not have.
    To check your account balance, dial *232#
  2. Find out the pin code for your Sim card.If you are new to this service the default pin code is 0000. You might need to change your pin code to avoid unauthorised transference of your credit.To change your pin code to a new one dial *247*0000*New Pin#

    If you have forgotten your password call the customer care line to reset your password.

  3. To transfer credit dial *223*Pin Code *Amount*phone Number# and then send.E.g if you want to send #400 to 08095717330 and your pin code is 1111. Dial *223*1111(Your pin code)*400( Amount) *08095717330# and press the send button.
  4. You will get a message from Etisalat to confirm the details of the transaction. You should press 1 to confirm the transaction or 2 to cancel the transaction in case you change your mind.

Se fini. With the above steps you can send credit on your Etisalat line free of charge and as many times as possible.

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