How To Book A Hotel Online

How to Book Hotel Online

Online Hotel Booking is steadily becoming the major means of placing hotel reservations around the globe. It helps individuals and organizations alike to easily search out the best hotels in strategic locations, read reviews on these hotels and place reservations at will.  One such major platform that helps you to easily search and locate hotels is Hotel.Africa.

Offering the best deals on a wide variety of hotels in and around Africa, simplifies the whole process of booking hotels.

How To Book A Hotel Online with Hotel.Africa


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To book a hotel online in Africa, follow these simple steps below:

  1. Go To
    Open your web browser and enter the url, after which you will be taken to the homepage.
    Images of Hotel.Africa Website
  1. Search For A Hotel
    Enter the name of a hotel or location in the search box provided.
  1. Input Your Scheduled Check-In And Check-Out Dates.This data should be entered into the other two fields. You may also leave them blank if you are unsure about your travel dates.
  1. Click On Find Hotels
    You will be provided with a list of hotel suggestions as well as their respective room rates.Images of How you can find an hotel on
  1. Locate The Book Now Button On Your Desired Hotel
    After locating a suitable hotel, click the Book Now button which is found on the right side just below the room rates.
    Images on How to choose a room on
  1. Select A Room Category
    At this point, you can make any final changes to your check in and check out dates. You will also need to specify the number of rooms and guests you wish to make a booking for.
    You can go ahead to scroll through all available room types and click the “Book Now” button for your chosen room.
  1. Enter The Guest Information
    You will be required to provide contact information about the guest. This includes their name, phone number, and email.
  1. Make Payment
    You can now make payment for the hotel and complete your reservation.
    Congrats! Your reservation is now complete and you will be receiving confirmation details shortly.

Now head over to to book a hotel and don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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