How To Subscribe For MTN Youtube Data Plan

MTN Youtube Data Plan


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The YouTube Video streaming Pack is a time based data plan that allows customers to watch videos on YouTube from a data enabled device.  There are two plans on MTN

  1. 1hr YouTube Pack
  2. 3hrs YouTube Pack
Plan Price Streaming Time Activation SMS to 131 Validity Data Cap
I hour YouTube Pack N150 1 Hour Stream Text VP1 to 131 24 hours 750MB
3 hours YouTube Pack N400 3 Hours Streams Text VP3 to 131 24 hours 2.2GB

How to Subscribe for MTN Youtube Data Plan

MTN Youtube Data Plan USSD Code

To get started send the code “Youtube” to 131 or Dial the USSD code *131*8#. To subscribe directly for either 1 hour MTN youtube or 3 hours follow the instruction below:

  • To subscribe for I hour YouTube Pack on MTN, send this code: VP1 to 131 or Dial *131*8*1#
  • To subscribe for 3 hours YouTube Pack on MTN,  send this code: VP3 to 131 or Dial *131*8*2#
  • For more information send the code “Youtube” to 131.

How to Check your MTN Youtube Data Plan Balance

To check your MTN Youtube data plan balance, dial this code: *559*18#.

MTN Youtube Data Plan Frequently Asked Question

Q: Can I purchase multiple YouTube Streaming Packs?

A: Yes, but only when the current plan expires (when the allocated time elapses). For example, if you have a 1 hour plan, you can only buy another plan when the 1 hour time has been utilised.

Q: Can I stream videos form other sites?

A: NO, the YouTube streaming pack can only be used to watch videos on YouTube.

Q: What happens if my YouTube data plan expires?

A: As soon as the time expires, you will receive a notification to activate another YouTube bundle.

Q: Will I be able to rollover my unused data?

A: NO, your YouTube data resets to zero at the end of the specified time. You will need bto buy another YoTube bundle or any other data plan.

Q: Is my YouTube streaming data unlimited?

A: NO, fair usage policy applies.

1 hour plan is 750MB
3 hours plan is 2.25GB

Q: How do I check my YouTube Video Streaming bundle balance?

A: To check your YouTube Streaming data balance, simply dial *559*18#.

Q: Will my YouTube Plan be auto-renewed?

A: NO, there is no auto-renewal for YouTube video streaming park.

Q: Can I share my YouTube Video Streaming Pack?

A: No, you will not be able to share your YouTube Video pack.

Q: When does the allocated streaming time start?

A: The timer starts once you start watching a video on YouTube.


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