How to Play By The Rules of Sex That Women Live By

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6 Rules of Sex That Women Live By

Women are so beautiful, and, at the same time, so mysterious. They have their own views on life, which are radically different in all spheres. The way women and men see sex is worthy of special attention. If men get excited, seeing a pretty girl, then in the woman’s head, there is a process that requires many approvals to get excited, seeing some particular man. It’s time to take a chance and look at the world of women’s rules of sex (which are provided by https://yesdates.com/matches/)

  1.    Sex begins in the head.

Men are often surprised when before sex, assessing the desire of a girl, it seems that she does not need sex at all. This is not due to the frigidity of a woman but to the hormonal component. For men, the release of hormones before sex is akin to Tarzan’s cry in the jungle, when for women, the same hormones cause only mild excitement and are comparable to crickets’ trills. This is just one of the rules of sex. For a woman, this is a fantasy, an anticipation of hot sex, which first must be born in her head and then make ready the entire body. When she constantly thinks about it, then the sexual desire is at a very high level, so the girl’s interest should always be held.

  1.    They anticipate sex like men.

Desire and anticipation of sex are like an orgasm for a woman. An attractive man can cause interest and big sexual desire like when a man meets a sexy girl. This is due to the fact that women do not visualize the process itself but a man’s reaction towards her. For example, she asks herself,  “Does he guess how beautiful I am without clothes?” or “Did he ever think about my favorite poses in sex?” Being aware that a man “is hungry for sex,” she will turn him on, and this will excite her either. So, women don’t think about sex less than men, this is another one of sex rules.

  1.    Good sex is the perfect combination of all conditions.

Sometimes it may seem that a woman’s desire is associated with the waxing Moon and a couple of hundred factors. Girls really love sex, but a woman can lose her desire because of banal fatigue or bad mood. In addition to the hormonal surge, a woman should still turn off the internal “brake”, which can manifest itself in a sleeping child in the next room, religion, beliefs. When a woman begins to have sex without the proper level of excitement, to bring her to orgasm will be a very difficult task. At a time when men love diversity, women will prefer to have sex, using one but a proven scenario that is guaranteed to bring her pleasure.

  1.    Sex is a part of love.

Talks, movies, joint trips, common interests and views, exchange of gifts, love, and sex are all necessary components for a woman, all these form a feeling of love. Sex is a part but not a determining factor in the relationship. A woman cannot have a good sex without the right set of emotions.

  1.    Sex is not primary for her.

Despite the fact that it is much easier for many women to get an orgasm through self-stimulation, they begin their sex life mainly with sex and not with masturbation, while men masturbate even when their sexual activity doesn’t begin. Sexual desire is not as strong as the need for touch, attention and verbal excitement. Before having sex with a new partner, she should feel safe because only after that she will be ready for sex. It is one of the main rules of sex.

  1.     Sex is her way of showing love.

Often, women have sex when they do not really want it. Realizing the need of a partner in sex, she may want to satisfy both him and herself. True happiness for her will be the phrase, “But I want you to want it too,” it is an indicator of love and a sign that the pleasure of sex must be real, and not an impulse of inevitability. A woman, giving herself up to a man, demonstrates her love because everything begins in the head.

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