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How to Start a Profitable Farm Business in 5 Minutes

How to Farm by framcrowdy on How to become a profitable farmer with Farmcrowdy

Would you like to venture into agriculture but don’t know how?


Have you tried to start a farming business but haven’t been able to make a headway based on different reasons such as expensive labour, expensive farm equipment, weather and other factors?


Not only can you start a farm business in five minutes, with Farmcrowdy, Nigeria’s first digital agriculture platform which is focused on connecting farm sponsors with real farmers across Nigeria, but you can actively own a farm while avoiding the stress that comes with farming, some of which are:


– Lack of agric expertise

– Expensive and scarce labour

– Sourcing for seedlings, fertilizers, day old chicks

– Selling your farm produce at harvest and so on.


In 19 months since launching, Farmcrowdy has worked with over 7,000 farmers directly and indirectly across 9 states in Nigeria and secured 7,000+ farm sponsorships both locally and internationally. This has helped these farmers to increase their production, expand their farm operations and increase revenue from their farms. So far, they have raised over $1.4m in seed funding and grants from both local and international investors which goes to show high investor confidence in their operations.


By sponsoring a farm through the platform, you will be empowering rural farmers to gain access to improved seedlings, training and quality farm inputs, all while making decent returns on your sponsorship.


Farmcrowdy also has insurance policies in place with Leadway Assurance and AXA Mansard which makes sure that your capital is insured in order to mitigate against losing your money.


Sponsoring a farm on Farmcrowdy is very easy. Here are the steps to follow:


– Visit

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