UNITY Bank *7799# USSD Code is a short code service that allows customers (account holders and non accountholders) to access banking services with their mobile phones irrespective of the Telecommunication service provider, phone type or location.

The *7799# code by UNITY Bank is the first 4 digit code to be introduced to the Banking market

Benefits of the Unity Bank *7799# USSD Code

  1. You can carry out transactions without visiting the bank
  2. It’s quick and simple to use
  3. It can be used on any phone
  4. You don’t need internet data to use it
  5. Bank Transfer, Airtime recharge is instant and available 24/7
  6. You have access to banking services regardless of the GSM network you are using

Unity Bank USSD Transfer Code and their Uses

Transaction TypeUnity Bank USSD Codes
Bank Transfers to Unity BankDial *7799*1*account no*amount#
Bank Transfer to Other BanksDial *7799*2*account no*amount#
Airtime Purchase for yourself*7799*AMOUNT#
Airtime Purchase for Others*7799*Phoneno*amount#
Check Account BalanceDial *7799*0#
BVN Verification*7799*5#
Block Account*7799*9*phone number#
Unity Bank *7799# USSD Codes

How to sign up for Unity Bank *7799# USSD Code

If you are signed up for Unity Bank *7799# service, dial *7799# and start transacting.
However, if you are not signed up please follow the steps below:

  1. Dial *7799# from your Polaris Bank registered line
  2. Follow the prompts to enter your account Number

How to Buy Airtime with Unity Bank 7799 USSD Code

To buy airtime using Unity Bank *833# USSD Code, dial  *7799*amount# on your registered phone number. E.g *7799*200# to purchase N200 airtime credit.

How to Check Your Account Balance with Unity Bank 7799 USSD Code

  1. To check your account balance using Unity Bank *7799# USSD code, dial *7799*0#

Unity Bank Bank Transfer USSD Code

The Unity Bank transfer ussd code is *7799# for both transfers to Unity bank or other bank. Please see the details below

How to Transfer Money from Unity Bank to Unity Bank Account

To transfer money from your Unity Bank  account to another Unity Bank account dial *7799*1*accountno*amount# e.g *7799*1*1234567890*2000#

How to Transfer Money from Unity Bank to Other Banks

To transfer money from your Unity Bank  account to another Unity Bank account dial *7799*1*accountno*amount# e.g *7799*1*1234567890*2000#

Unity Bank’s USSD Short Code Strings

The following transactions can be done on Polaris Mobile *833# USSD Code

  1. *7799*403*Bet9ja ID*amount# – Bet9ja Wallet funding 
  2. *7799*Amount# – Self recharge 
  3. *7799*Phoneno*amount# – Third party recharge 
  4. *7799*1*accountno*amount# – Transfer to Unitybank 
  5. *7799*2*accountno*amount# – Transfer to Other banks 
  6. *7799*0# – Balance enquiry 
  7. *7799*5# – BVN verification 
  8. *7799*9*phone number# – Block account 
  9. *7799*000*RefID# – USSD on POS 
  10. *7799*8*Amount# – Cardless withdrawal

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